Clients appreciate Elina for her aggressive advocacy as well as her pragmatic, straightforward and highly creative practice.


Elina is a super smart, kind, trustworthy, and dedicated woman. I feel at ease knowing that she is on my side taking care of legal issues. Thanks Elina for being true to you and your morals!! You Rock!
— Hope Moroni
Elina is smart, creative and knows the ins and outs of the law. Without her, I may have settled my car accident case early, losing out on a full recovery from my injuries amongst other things. For a normal person these things are super confusing, Elina helped me see the full picture with a knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate demeanor. Thanks to Elina, I am now working with a great Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, and getting the care I need for my injuries. If you are looking for a great lawyer with high energy, dedication and compassion I highly recommend her. My parents taught me to hate lawyers, but now that I found a trustworthy one, my opinion has completely changed.
— Astra E.
Law Practice is mostly a foreign language or concept to most of us. We have a problem, we use the internet or yellow pages to look a professional up. We then pay some kind of fee which we don’t understand to someone we hardly know in our attempt to right our issue. I would like to publically thank Elina N. Agnoli for her work in Mendocino County. Elina went to grade school and graduated from Laytonville High School alongside my eldest brother. She recently helped my family through a lengthy process to handle some affairs which without her would have caused a massive amount of stress and anxiety. It’s fantastic to know our community has someone with the education, people skills and desire to move back home and provide us with outstanding service. I am so grateful to find someone who not only can I personally trust, but I can also trust to handle any of my family’s future legal endeavors. We are extremely lucky to have Elina amongst us. I would recommend her services to anyone!
— Benjamin O'Neill
Elina is one of the smartest people I know! She will do her best to help solve any business you need help with.
— Shawn Baize
When it comes to “knowing your rights” and giving you the confidence that everyone wants when it comes to legal advice, Elina is the attorney that WILL establish that for you. I can honestly say that the feeling of stress or worry does not exist with Elina there by your side, even in the darkest of storms that you may see no light, Elina is there to shed light in your storm. Enough light to hold onto and have hope in.
— Hugo Cruz
She is kind , caring, and knows her stuff!
— Heather Davis